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Dental School

Applying to dental school is the first step toward a rewarding and lucrative career in the dental profession. There are fifty-six accredited dental schools in the United States. Getting into dental school can be competitive, and each dental school may have slightly different qualifications for admission. Generally speaking, these are the most important qualifications they are looking for:

an undergraduate degree with a science major
a high g.p.a.
high scores on the Dental Admission Test (DAT)

In addition to these qualifications, demonstrated interest in dentistry as a career is equally as important when you are applying for dental school. You aren't likely to be admitted if you give the admissions committee the impression that you are applying to dental school on a whim. This is especially important to remember when writing your personal statement on your application and while interviewing with each individual dental school.

It is vital, when applying to dental school, that you have some sort of experience working in a dental setting before applying. This is usually done through an observational internship, or by working for an actual dentist. Most dentists are happy to let potential dentists work under an internship. However, a research internship in a dentistry-related field can also fill this requirement.

Letters of Recommendation are also important when you are applying for dental school. The ideal letter of reference is a glowing recommendation from a highly respected dentist who you have worked under in a research or clinical setting. Otherwise, anyone who has observed you in a related work environment, or professors who have taught you in the health sciences will make appropriate references.

The application process is very important when applying to a dental school. In order to be impressive, you must understand the process, and understand the qualities that will be sought by the best dental schools.