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Many people suffer with dental anxiety, or fear of the dentist and it prevents everyday people to neglect going to the dentist for regular check-ups and teeth cleanings. Since the key to good oral health is prevention, or stopping problems before they arise, seeing the dentist is important in maintaining good oral hygiene. The following paragraphs will give some tips and suggestions for overcoming your fear of the dentist.

Studies have shown that most dentist phobics can pinpoint the onset of their fears, and most of them had very negative past experiences with dentists. The most important thing to remember when trying to overcome fears of the dentist is finding a good dentist who:

Is patient
Is competent
Genuinely cares
Works hard to make each visit pain free
Understands your fears

Finding a good dentist with all of these qualities can be as simple as asking family and friends for recommendations. Make sure they feel they have a true partnership with the dentist they are recommending.

Once the choice has been made, and you are going to see a dentist, taking a friend or family member with you may help to relieve some of the anxiety, or fear of the dentist. Having a friend or family member with you at your initial dental visit may make you feel more relaxed with the dentist, and help you to begin to develop a trusting relationship with him or her. Some techniques a dentist will commonly use to relieve anxiety are:

guided imagery
soft music
virtual reality goggles
laughing gas
mild sedative

While there are many techniques and tips in reducing your fear of the dentist, the key is finding the right dentist. A good dentist, one you can grow to trust and build a solid relationship with. The right dentist will not only understand your fears, but will also work with you to overcome your fears. And until you overcome them, the right dentist should be willing to do what it takes to reduce your level of anxiety.