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Diamond Teeth

Diamond studded teeth has become the latest craze in the U.S. Along with diamond teeth are yellow gold and white gold caps. There is no drilling and no needles required to obtain these fashionable teeth. A mold is made of your teeth and these special caps fit right over your permanent teeth. Not only will you be bejeweled, but you can also fix any flaws you have in your smile. Closing gaps in between teeth, straightening out a crooked smile, or improving the look of a chipped tooth are just a few of things these specialized teeth can offer.

Many rap artists are purchasing these custom gold and diamond teeth to wear as they please. Easily fitted and comfortable to wear, many people besides rap stars are now donning these sparkly attention getting teeth. You can order a one tooth cap or a full front coverage. One diamond cap starts as low as $80 but a full set of cubic zirconia diamond teeth along with sterling silver, can range from $200 and up. Diamond teeth come in many styles, some with hearts and stars engraved, others with square diamonds centered in each tooth and can range from $800 up into the thousands. Since each set of diamond teeth are made specifically to fit your teeth, the design can be special ordered. These custom teeth can be ordered with rubies, or other jewels embedded in the white or yellow gold for your own personal look and style.

When ordering your set of diamond teeth, first a mold kit will be sent out to you. This will include explicit directions on taking a mold of your teeth. Once filling out your form specifying which teeth you want to cap and which stone and metal you would like, you send the mold back to wait for your teeth to me made. Whichever style you decide to go with, these are sure to grab attention.