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Shark Teeth

Whenever I think about shark teeth, the very image of the Jaws movie poster comes to mind. It has been many years since the Jaws movie series was popular, but the effects of watching that shark with its sharp shark teeth are still fresh to many. The following paragraphs will discuss some stories about real life encounters with shark teeth.

In following the news, a story was published a few months ago about various shark attacks in the Gulf of Mexico, on the coastline of Florida. Reading the reports of these attacks made the movie not look so out dated any more, but yet a reality, happening this day and age for real.

Shark teeth are very sharp and they can bite their prey without any trouble. These teeth can come in various colors such as black, brown, or gray. This coloration depends on the minerals in the soil in which they have been buried. Their sizes can range from one eighth inch to three inches and on rare instances more.

Every shark species is known and recorded to have repeatedly shed their teeth and grown new ones. Typically, most sharks have 40 or more teeth in each jaw. In the rear of the functional rows of teeth, are seven other rows of teeth which eventually grow into full-grown dentures to take the place of the teeth as they will shed or lost.

Today there is wide spread market for these shark teeth. From website operators, jewelry makers, to flea market/trade show dealers, all sell shark teeth. You can buy shark teeth individually or in groups or you can buy them in wholesale depending up on your need. No two shark teeth are alike.

Before you make a purchase, shop around. Visit your local store and visit stores online. Check for the quality and prices being offered by each seller, and never forget a check of authenticity, make sure the teeth you are ordering are original.