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Sweet Tooth

Everyone is constantly on the lookout for healthy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth, since constantly eating sweets is bad for your general health, as well as being bad for your teeth. The following paragraphs will discuss some healthier alternatives to satisfy a sweet tooth craving.

Fruit is a great alternative to candy and cookies for curving a sweet tooth craving. Fruit is not only more nutritious, but fruit does not contain all the harmful sugar that will often lead to tooth decay. Grabbing a banana or an apple can not only satisfy a sweet tooth craving, but doing so can also save you from possible weight gain and tooth decay.

There are almost endless possibilities for yogurt to satisfy a sweet tooth craving, including using it as an ice cream substitute. Smoothies are also a yummy alternative to ice cream. Pour some yogurt into a blender with some fruit, and you have a decadent dessert that you will swear has to be bad for you.

Popsicles and Jello are also great ways to calm a sweet tooth craving without eating candy or cake. Popsicles and Jello are almost 100% water, resulting in minimal calories. Of course, it also results in minimal nutrients. Essentially, you feel like you are eating something, when, for all intents and purposes, you are not eating much. It goes without saying Popsicles and Jello are even better for you if they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners or natural fruit juices rather than refined sugar.

It is important to meet your nutritional needs ways that you enjoy. If you feel like you are depriving yourself, the new habits you are trying to form will not stick, and you will fall back into your unhealthy ways. Therefore, it is vital to find nutritious alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.