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Teeth Whitening

Many people are trying all types of method of teeth whitening, but there are only two ways teeth whitening can be achieved. The following paragraphs will discuss these two methods of teeth whitening.

Bleaching is the first method used in teeth whitening. A teeth whitening product that contains bleach will actually change the natural shade of your teeth anywhere from five to twelve shades brighter than your teeth's natural color. Teeth whitening products that contain bleach usually contain peroxide, as well, that aids in removal of both deep stains and surface stains on your teeth.

Teeth whitening by bleaching is commonly done in your dentists office, and can take several visits for maximum results. Each visit to your dentist to use bleach methods to achieve teeth whitening will last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Lights may also be used, to enhance the action of the bleaching agent.

The cost of professional teeth whitening varies considering many factors including:

• geographical location
• what product the dentist uses
• the extent of the stains on your teeth

On an average, the sessions start at about $500, but if your teeth are not badly stained, you may only need one session for maximum results.

The other method of teeth whitening is a method your dentist can provide for you to use at home. This method is less costly, but does not contain bleaching agents. Instead, this teeth whitening method uses agents that contain carbamide peroxide to whiten your teeth. This method takes a little more time to achieve the best results, but will whiten your teeth four to seven shades on average.

Teeth whitening can be accomplished by two methods. Bleaching can be done by a dentist, or he can recommend a home method that does not contain bleaching agents. The home methods are often less expensive, but they take longer to achieve maximum results, and sometimes they are less effective.